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Hey there, I'm Jack!

I'm a web developer with over ten years experience. I've got an eye for good design and a love of simplicity. I am currently available for hire and open to full-time work. Let's talk.

Over the years I've worked with clients big and small, from Silicon Valley venture capital firms to small, locally owned mom-and-pop shops. These experiences have taught me a great deal about not only what my clients want, but also how to identify things that my clients don't know that they want. Some of the companies I've worked with include...


Whether it's a Theme, Plugin, API implementation, or more custom functionality, I've shipped it. Clients love how easy it is to manage their content, and I love to make their job easier.


Vue.js is my personal JavaScript framework of choice due to it's speed and simplicity. Creating fast and responsive user interfaces for clients isn't just intuitive, but it's also just fun!


When it comes to web applications, Laravel is my go-to every time. It's robust ecosystem, flourishing community, and world class documentation make it an easy choice for projects of all sizes.

Born in London but currently making my home in Gilroy, California. You can find me sharing my thoughts on Twitter, cats & coffee on Instagram, and living my developer life on GitHub and DEV.

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